Board & Batten Makeovers

Last weekend Doron and I took on a project outside our own home that I would love to share with you all. We were hired by a close friend who has been inspired by all our DIY wall treatments to give a small facelift to her soon-to-be baby nursery, master bathroom, and second floor bathroom.

Baby Nursery

We chose a very charming paneling design that goes 3/4 up the wall, and painted the wall a gorgeous fine silver. We also added a curtain rod with flowing sheers.



Bathroom Chair Rails

Beginning with the second floor bath, this space was already renovated and bright white with modern finishings. The home owners felt like it needed a little sparkle, so we framed the basic large mirror and added a flat chair rail to give the room a little more dimension. The flat mouldings chosen were to match the rest of the modern lines within the room. We painted the walls here fine silver  as well to create a subtle cozy look as this is the baby’s bathroom.


The luxurious master bath was also bright white, but we decided to go a little more dramatic with the walls. Sticking to the flat chair rails to match the modern bathroom, we painted the wall a bold granite grey. The crystal light fixture and marble tiles are quite seductive…


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