Introducing the Rotman’s… a newlywed couple that got married in May 2015 and bought their first home in August 2015 which was a total fixer upper. Working on a budget, Rev & Doron made it their mission to update the home using their own two hands with the help of the internet and imagination.

Rev (me) is a social worker and psychotherapist during the day (www.icftherapy.com), but during my spare time I get excited about cooking, interior design, home decor, updating old into new, diy projects, and style trends. Doron (my husband), on the other hand, is the master craft behind our designs, “the builder”, constructs our major home improvement projects, and a very handy partner in crime.

This blog is a reflection of our journey in creating a house into a home and a platform to inspire others with Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, home improvements, design ideas,  recipes, and decorating trends.
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