Basement Overhaul Makeover

This renovation and makeover is by far my favourite because we decided to create our basement into the ultimate entertainment room.

What started out to be a simple lipstick makeover, turned out to be a work of art for Design with Rev. My design inspiration was the sweet farmhouse look as well as making the space look white & bright.

To begin, let us show you our basement when we purchased the home…


I know. Ghetto right!? This small room was covered in wall to wall 70’s aging beige coloured wall paper, and you can tell that the previous owners did NOTHING to update this room (or house for that matter) since its inception. Where do we begin?!?

First things first, we took down the wall paper, sanded the walls of decade old wall paper glue,  and prepped for painting.

All trim and doors needed a lot of TLC (aka coats of paint and caulking). Then, we decided to do a little extra for the room and added a chair rail and split up the colours to white on white on the bottom and fine silver on the top.

*Replaced the blinds  *Repainted the doors  *Installed new door handles  *Hung the tv & hid the wires through the wall.

We didn’t replace anything major like closet doors, but we painted them white (from weathered beige) and installed new sleek hardware from the old brassy ones.

New door handles

On to the furniture….

Construction of the custom shelving unit

I used to have a dark brown IKEA KALLAX unit that I used as a TV stand, but Doron insisted on making a custom piece for the entire wall. I agreed as long as it maintained that KALLAX look that I loved so much but in white! Because we kept the same KALLAX cupboard hole dimensions, we were able to buy matching doors that IKEA sells and installed them on this custom shelf.

Complete custom shelving unit installed

The next project was to think of how to incorporate more seating in addition to our comfy love seat.  One friday night, Doron was hanging with his friends and ended up sitting on the floor when it dawned on him to build a small custom bench/window ledge for additional seating which fits the farmhouse theme (below)

Custom bench

In one Saturday afternoon, Doron put together a bench from scratch using leftover wood. He painted the base white and stained and lacquered the top to match the rest of the wood accents in the room.

Next our infamous IKEA hack farmhouse coffee table was created…. See an earlier blog post for details on how it was created.

DIY Farmhouse coffee table – Ikea Hack!

The next big project we designed was building a bar and added bar seating.

We love the whole industrial table and shelving look, so we decided to buy a few 2×4’s and iron plumbing pipes…

Home depot iron plumbing pipes for bar table.

After cutting the wood planks the length of our couch, we sanded and stained them chocolate, and used a satin finish polyurethane. The iron legs were spray painted black to make them pop, and finally all the pieces were put together and screwed onto the wood.

Industrial bar table

We found 3 rustic bar stools that fit the space perfectly which added even more seating. When unused, the chairs are nicely tucked in and the whole bar table area remains very compact.


The Bar

After much debate and browsing on pinterest, we decided to make a custom bar counter and shelving. The whole unit was designed and built on 2 things: 1. the doors we found in my dad’s basement, and 2. our beloved wine fridge that we got for a steal on kijiji!

Here we begin with the frame based on the door and fridge measurements.

20160217_132910.jpgTo maintain the farmhouse look, we made a butcher block countertop by gluing together 4 planks of wood (similar to how we built to coffee table top).

Custom bar counter

The butcher block countertop was well sanded, stained using chocolate coloured stain, and  lacquered with matte polyurethane. Lastly, Doron finished the look with a wooden back and side splash and incorporated the chair rail into the counter top look.

Finished Custom bar counter

Before we installed the bar shelf, we added a feature wall by installing hickory coloured laminate flooring behind the bar wall.

Doron nailing laminate floor panels onto a wall board.

Next we installed the stained and lacquered shelf by drilling iron pipes from the wall and ceiling to be able to hold the heavy bottles.

Black painted iron plumbing pipes for shelving hardware


And then my favourite part!!!!!!!!

Wine glass holder HACK using T Moulding

We created a wine glass holder HACK by cutting a T Mould and drilled them upside down into the bottom of the shelf. It doesn’t get better than that my friends!!

After all the furniture gets installed, comes the best part…..decorating. The following is the final look of our farmhouse renovated basement.







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Love, The Rotmans.



DIY Frosted Stencilled Window

When we purchased our home, the previous owners stuck to “run of the mill ” cheap blinds to cover their windows. Doron couldn’t stand the horizontal vinyl blinds near the entrance. It also didn’t bring in much light.


He suggested that we frost the glass on that particular window and take down the blinds. I was nervous to get the whole window frosted in case I ever wanted to look through it, so we had the greatest idea! Use a stencil with my favourite pattern and buy a spray can of window frosting to Do It Myself!

First, I ordered a beautiful stencil online. I chose a Moroccan trellis pattern. I highly recommend the selection offered at

Second, I picked up a spray can of frosted window coating.

Rust-oleum Frosted Glass – Semi Transparent finish

Now the hard work… This requires patience and precision. Make sure you wear a basic face mask to avoid inhaling all the fumes because this project is done indoors. To begin, we removed the blinds.

We happened to order a stencil that fit the space perfectly so we just started from the top. To ensure this stencil sticks to the window very tightly to avoid getting particles in the pattern or lines, give a light spray mist (water or windex) to one side of the plastic stencil and place on the window. It should stick right to it. If you don’t do this step, the spray particles will get behind the design.


Make sure to cover the spaces that are not being sprayed with cardboard (top and bottom). When you spray, try and coat evenly, generously, but not too close or else it will drip and ruin the design.

20160226_143303.jpgWe moved the stencil down as we covered one area. Make sure you let it dry before starting a new area or removing the stencil after you’ve sprayed. It comes on clear but dries cloudy or frosted. Also, be gentle when moving to the next section as the spray may not have dried 100%, and you don’t want to scratch the area that was completed.

Half way done, waiting for this section to dry

In case some of the spray particles made its way onto the design, use a Qtip and carefully outline the design clean.

fb_img_1456521337230.jpgNow, you will see that lines have been created  where one sheet starts and the other one ends. To fix this, we placed the stencil over two different areas and did a second coating. This should be done over all the visible lines.

Make sure to line it up perfectly for a crisp, seamless pattern.

Before you do the second coating, make sure the first coating has dried well. If by the second coating, its not even, do a third coating.

After the second coating or until the desired outcome has been reached… Here is the finished look….


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