Hot Design Trends Now 2016


Spring is practically days away and people are scrounging to get their unfinished spaces upgraded, redecorated, or renovated. Although I am fairly new to the interior design world, I spend much of my free time researching the hottest decor and design trends. I also follow some of the most talented interior designers  and home design accounts on social media. After almost completing all my major home renovations this winter, I have complied a general consensus of what trends are totally in now and spring/summer ’16.

If you’re thinking about redoing a room in your house or adding a statement to one of your spaces, here is a list of design ideas that are very HOT right now! Most are DIY projects!!!

The Scandinavian Look

Otherwise known as Nordic or the simplistic look, these spaces are very clean cut and bright white. You may find accents of grey, light woods, and plant greens, but they are predominately black and white….my fav…

These spaces are the epitome of less is more, with clean lines, angular shapes, modern or industrial furnishings and decor pieces.

The Ikea brand was born in a Scandinavian country, therefore, you will find many nordic and simplistic home furnishings there. You will also notice the Scandinav designed home calls for white on white walls, and sterile looking spaces exquisitely decorated.

Board & Batten

This design idea has been around for a while but its resurfacing in a way that make spaces more striking. Some people refer to it as wainscotting, paneling, or custom mouldings. Here are a few great ways to use board and batten to make a room your guests will envy you for…

Dining rooms

Hallways & Staircases

Mud Rooms


& spaces with custom designer mouldings…

Wall Stencils

Wall paper is a timeless way to create an accent wall, but using a wall stencil and paint is an easy way YOU can change a room and this trend is hotter than ever right NOW. Take a look at these wall stencilled rooms by various designers that can make you turn green…with envy. Wall stencils can be found at Cutting Edge Stencils.

Two toned Kitchens

When I look up kitchen ideas online, you wouldn’t believe that more times than not you will see that many brave home owners are actually mixing up their top and bottom kitchen cabinets and islands. White kitchens with a black island is a popular go to, or white cabinets on the bottom with open shelves on the top is another rustic favourite. Check out these stunning two toned kitchen ideas…

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Farmhouse style decor is whole other blog post altogether and something that is booming in all the latest design blogs. However, here we point out nothing else but the kitchen sink. This deep set sink is all the rage in modern and industrial kitchens today. Look at how charming they are …

Brass Kitchen/bath Fixtures & Accents

Lastly but more excitingly are these bathrooms and kitchen accents. Brass or gold accents in a black and white space will leave you jaw dropped. I don’t care what your design style is, these accents are undeniably striking and can work in any home. See how brass hardware, gold grout, and brass lighting fixtures work in these simple spaces…


These current design trends are just the tip of the iceberg. There are major shifts in home decor, tiles, and more! Stay tuned for more blog posts on what’s trending and what @designwithrev is up to!












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